Stand Out At the Fair!

Fair season is kicking off! If you want to bring home the ribbons, or just keep your animals comfortable, you need the best products to keep your livestock healthy. Here at Norby’s, we carry a wide variety of animal care products that will make your fair season better for your animals, whether you show them or not!

For those who show, the most important items you can have with you are grooming and showing products. At Norby's we carry Sullivan’s grooming products and Weaver Leather brand halters, leads and accessories so that your animals will stand out from the competition. We also carry Wahl brand clippers and blade replacements to keep trimming as convenient as possible.

For those hot days at the fair, it is important to allow access to water at all times, without them making a mess of their pen. It is also good to rinse your animals to keep them cool. It might be easier and less stressful to rinse them in their pen rather than taking them to a wash rack numerous times throughout the day.

Whether you show or not, though, it is always important to keep your animals fed and hydrated. During the summer, your animals are at an increased risk of illness. A common illness at this time of year is heat stress. General signs of stress are: panting, open mouth breathing, excessive salivation, lack of coordination, trembling and inability to stand. Ways to prevent heat stress include avoid working animals in the hottest part of the day, provide access to mineral and salt supplement and keep water as cool as possible. It also helps to erect a shade over the water trough.

We carry Little Giant feeder pans, pails and buckets of various sizes and colors to accommodate all animals. In addition to staying hydrated this summer, our selection of fans will keep your animals cool for the hottest part of the day.

Stop in today and pick up your fair supplies at your local Norby's Farm Fleet location!