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Tips in Fire Prevention and Preparedness

Did you know that more than 4,000 Americans die in fires each year and that 83% of those deaths occur in residences? Within two minutes a fire can become life-threatening and within five minutes your home could be engulfed in flame. Fire prevention week is the week of October 7-13, so we at Norby's wanted to make sure you were all armed with the knowledge and equipment necessary to prevent a fire from ever occurring in your home, and how to prepare in the case of a fire!   Read More

8 Expert Tips For Autumn Lawn Care

The sun rises later and sets earlier. The nights are cooling off, followed slowly by the days. Autumn is upon us! Many people stop thinking about their lawns aside from raking leaves at this point in the year. Unfortunately, if you ignore your lawn once the cooler weather hits, you may just be creating more work for yourself in the spring and summertime. Read More