Winter Car Care Tips


One of the most important things you should do is make sure your battery is in tip-top shape. The colder the temperatures get, the less effective your battery will run. Between 0°F-80°F, your battery's cranking power drops by half. You can always test your battery at home or have it professionally checked, but the important thing is that you have it done! In lieu of this topic, you should always make sure to have a winter emergency kit in your car at all times in case your car ever does happen to break down on you. This should include blankets, hand warmers, and perhaps an extra hoodie or sweatshirt to keep you warm while you wait for help.

The next most important thing to keep an eye on is your oil levels. Again, winter can take a harder toll on your engine than other seasons. You should always make sure to refill your oil with a “W” in the viscosity index, as that indicates that it is safe for winter use, as winter approaches. If you are changing the oil yourself, make sure that when you do so you are also changing the oil filter. All of these things can be found right here at Norby's Farm Fleet, so stop in today!

Another great idea is to invest in some snow tires. We live in a place that can get tons of snow! Making the investment in tires specially dedicated to riding well on icy, snowy roads is sure to be one that pays off in the end. Losing control on the road and ending up in a ditch will cost much more than a new set of tires to put on your car once a year.

There are so many other things you can do for your car to keep yourself and your family safe this winter. Stop by Norby's today and let one of our team members help you find out how to best prepare for the winter driving season!