Christmas Tree Disposal

We know you want to keep your tree up all year because it looks so beautiful, but let’s face it we have to take them done at some point. When preparing your tree for removal make sure to take off all the decorations, lights, and tinsel. Then to prevent a mess in your house you can wrap it up in an old sheet or garbage bag and bring it safely outside.

There are many options for getting rid of you tree such as

  • Curbside Pickup- Most garbage removal companies will pick up Christmas trees the following two weeks after Christmas, you may need to cut them into 3-4 ft pieces depending on your area.
  • Drop-off or Recycling Center – Most communities have drop-off locations available.
  • Yard Waste – You can cut up your tree and add it to your compost bin.
  • Tree Mulching Programs – This is a fast growing trend, companies may come to your house and take the tree to turn it into mulch.
  • Non-profit Organizations – Some Boy Scout Troops offer a pickup service for a small donation.
  • Soil Erosion Barriers – Some communities will take them for lakes and rivers to keep sediment at the shoreline.
  • Fish Feeders – Trees make an excellent area for fish to eat and be protected.
  • Bird Feeders – Keep your strung popcorn attached! Many of us feed the birds and they like to be hidden.
  • Well you can throw your Christmas tree outside and the birds will use it as a shelter, while they eat from your birdfeeder or you can sprinkle birdseed out on the ground underneath it.
  • When Spring arrives you can easily break up the Christmas tree.You can mulch it yourself.
  • Goats will devour trees, if you know anyone with goats ask them if they will like it and the goats will have a blast.
  • Living Trees or Rooted Trees – Living trees are always an option they can be planted directly into the ground after Christmas.