Keeping Your Barn Pest-Free

Ticks and flies are the worst nightmare of any barn or stable owner, and unfortunately we are in the full swing of pest season! If you live in a moist area (near a lake, large pond, or a series of ponds) and you have a particularly tough time dealing with pests, check out these tips below to see if you can improve your situation with some help from the great brands we carry at your local Norby's location!

First, there are some inexpensive ways that you can make your barn or stable less attractive to flies. Try to eliminate excess moisture in your barn by keeping plumbing leaks repaired, covering rain barrels, improving the drainage around your barn or stable, and filling in low-pasture areas that collect water easily during rains.

Another big thing you can do is double up how much time you spend cleaning up the stalls, because manure that sits for a long period of time is going to be a huge fly attractant! Also, if you have both horses and cows, try not to let them graze together, as cow manure can draw an especially large number of biting flies.

There are additional precautions you can take that we sell right here at Norby's! There are sprays and shampoos you can use from trusted brands like Prozap, Farnam, and Starbar to lather right into your horse's or cattle's coat to make them less attractive to biting flies and ticks. These topicals need to be applied pretty regularly so get used to a routine!

Masks are another good idea for horses in particular, as covering their face will make them less likely to get irritating bites around their eyes, which leads to a happier horse. We carry Farnam products that will give your horse a little extra protection from the irritation of bug bites!

If you follow all of the above steps to limit the amount of flies that your barn or stable attracts, then the final nail in the figurative coffin for these pests is to invest in a few fly traps around your buildings. We carry products from Starbar that are either reusable or disposable that are effective traps for these pests.

Stop by today and ask one of our associates about our great pest control products!